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The 1400 square feet three bedroom abode reflects the lifestyle, taste and personality of the simple yet dynamic couple that reside in it.  

The house has a modern look with use of warm colours allowing a cozy feel to the home. Few traditional touches have been given to the house highlighted by the design grill at the front entrance, mettalic wall paper with motifs in the living room, laser cut MDF celing at the entrance and complemented with accessories such as drapes, cushions and paintings.

Leather pannelling in master bedroom, swaroski studded window blinds and warm accents through the colour scheme lends a dramatic touch to the bedroom decor introducing itself into a well refined personal ambience.

A chic look has been given to the son's bedroom by combining veneer and leather for the wardrobes. Customised artist work as the backdrop of the bed reflects his love for the sport forming a feature wall for the room.

Extra attention has been given to the lighting elements in the entire house where the lux levels can be adjusted to create a dramatic look on dim lighting.


Pushpa Vihar

This 875 square feet two bedroom terrace apartment in southern Mumbai is designed for two brothers.

The entrance foyer wall has bronze mirror and cork pannellin on one wall and shimmering cork wallpaper on the opposite side camouflaging the doors of the utility room and kitchen.

The mid size living room has an interesting floor pattern using three materials that create an illusion of expanse/continuity extending into the terrace combining the two areas for socialising. 

The dining area has customised lighting over the table with bench seating on both sides.

The bedrooms and their attached bathrooms have been designed using black and white in combination with veneer. 

The bed is simple highlighted at the back with a wrap-around indirect ceiling. The indirect lighting gives a unique touch to the simple setting in the bedroom.



This 800 square feet two bedroom apartment in southern Mumbai reflects the client's personality. Minimalist which can be interpreted as being simple, having clean lines with the absence of unnecessary clutter and a motley mix of design elements.

The living room has been enhanced with pastel shades and marble cladding in the white surroundings, which in return create an aura of tangible openness.

The materials and styles used are soft to synthesis the minimalistic look. A careful selection of upholstery and showpieces ensure a fine balance of color and texture proportionate to the size of the rooms. The ceiling pattern adds richness and elevates the overall living experience.

A variety of projects that reflect each clients' individuality and taste to suit best their lifestyle and budget. These projects have contrasting stlyes and designs to suit the varying tastes of different clients.