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Our Story

MIdesignz is a design-oriented, father-daughter partnership that combines over forty years of experience in Interior Design. Our core purpose is to keep inspiring creations that turn dreams into reality and elevate the productivity and lifestyle of people.


Firoze has over forty years of experience in the world of Interior Design and has managed complex projects right from concept to final execution. In 2003, Firoze formed a partnership with his daughter Mahafrin to create MIdesignz.  


Mahafrin inherited a strong sense of values from her father – such as honesty, making high-integrity decisions, genuinely caring about clients and making your word your promise – that have served the firm better than any business plan. Today, these “old fashioned values” are a signature for the firm.


“What makes MIdesignz unique is that we work as a team on every project to provide our clients with inventive solutions, a custom design plan and exceptional customer service. With attention to detail, space management and design longetivity we give our clients that ‘wow’ moment that only a well-designed space can produce.”